Ronnie Heller

James Bailey

Das Gastspiel wird unterstützt durch die Botschaft des Staates Israel in Berlin

Gastspiel aus Israel
"HELEN", "Surviving Dance Crashes"
Solo performance: Ronnie Heller
Music: Uri Frost
Art: Ronnie Heller
Costume: Rossello Shmaria

Duration: 25 min.

Inspired by the story of the lost love of Helen Keller: "Oh well, perhaps it was for the better, but I will always remember the time of his love, like an island of light in the see of darkness in which I live".
This piece investigates the question of free will in the action of composing and recomposing ones body and will in the face of emotional trauma.

Trailer HELEN&Surviving Dance Crashes

"Surviving Dance Crashes"
Duet performance: James Bailey & Ronnie Heller
Sound Track-Collage: Voice over from interview with Ulrike Meinhof 1976, edited voice over from the film "Great Performances: Dance in America": beyond the mainstream 1980, original music by Aaron Cantor and David Heller, extracts from "Don’t let me down" by the Beatles, Time after Time, acoustic guitar: Sungha Jung.

Duration: 20 Min.

In the duet "Surviving Dance Crash Moments" the subject if "free will" is tackled in relation to the aromaticity of the human behavior in everyday life. The human behavior - actions and relations- is suggested to be following predetermined patterns and choice to be but an illusion. The implications this idea are debated through movement and action and its implications on the subject of freedom and morality.These patterns come from the deconstruction of the social action of "Hugging" by acceleration in to crashes. The relationship that is presented in the duet reveals the automatic mechanisms that it is created of, while still provoking an emotional affect.

"As a dancer and choreographer I am currently fascinated by crashing. By finding the way to prime the whole body to meet softly and articulately with the floor or with another body, I find the way to crash gently but with great intensity and speed. Exactly as the dancers foot is trained to meet the floor. As an artist and an academic scholar I am currently absorbed tormented and fascinated with the subject of "Free Will". This piece is a part of my research and expression of this subject." (R.H.)

The piece was performed at Lake Studios, Berlin and at FIM Basel. And as part of Hellers' M.A. studies in choreography at Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Total duration: 60 min. with break

Tickets: 12,- / 8,-

Do 1.3. 20:00 Uhr