"GIVE IN 2.0"

"GIVE IN 2.0"

MA-ZE Dance Company aus Ungarn
"GIVE IN 2.0", "MAL"
"GIVE IN 2.0" >>>Sugar, spice and everything nice!<<<<

The piece deals with intimacy and how the artists and the audience exist in the place that they share together. The setting is a circle, the audience sit on pillows and chairs around the performers. It is a very extrovert and open performance, where we investigate and experiment with the attitude of the audience, how they react if we cross the borders of their private space, how they feel if they have to react to something that happens to them, how they can feel that they are a part of what is happening during the show. We try not to keep any treshold between the performers and the audience, and we are curious of their final opinion once the show has ended, as it has never been the same. The main concept behind the performance is how we can benefit and make an advanatge out of a circumstance which is purely vulnerable for both of the performers and the audience as they sit around us in a 4 meter diameter circle.

Trailer GIVE IN

Creators, performers MA-ZE Dance Company:
Emese Nagy , Kristóf Várnagy, Jessica Simet

Supporters: Artus, Sín Kulturális Központ, Műhely Alapítvány


Mal is an experimental project created by Emese Nagy and Jessica Simet. Though the two artists have worked together previously, this duet is a first time collaboration exclusively between the two.

Trailer MAL

Created and performed by MA-ZE Dance Company: Jessica Simet, Emese Nagy
Music: Frank Bretischneider / Kutiman

Duration of "MAL": 15 min.

Duration of "GIVE IN 2.0": 30 min.

Total duration: 60 min. with a short break

Tickets: 14,- / 9,- Euro

Sa 14.4. 20:00 Uhr