Bilder: H.Weiffenbach

Chaim Gebber Open Scene zu GAST im Acud Theater

We seek to transcend, to expande, to be more than we are just now.
We are fighting to go beyond our limited state of ego to expand our own consciousness.
We don´t want to be caught in the limited perspective of body and ego.
We seek to transcend the materia and at every very moment to upgrade ourselves within ourselves.
This diving into ourselves is very scare. It´s like a self canibalism feeding from your own flesh to grow stronger.
It is a silent long way without an ending. It only goes..

Concept / Direction: Chaim Gebber

Performers: Chaim Gebber, Daniella Eriksson, Daniel Adams, Gabriel Lawton, Roberta Pupotto

. Length: about 60min. (no break)

Chaim Gebber
artistic director, choreographer and performer of Chaim Gebber Open Scene

Chaim Gebber, Brazilian choreographer, dancer and dance teacher, has been working with various companies of the Brazilian dance scene. His work “Pressagios da loucura” (1993) was named the best choreography of the year from UNESCO and CIDC (Conseil International de la danse, Paris). In Germany he held engagements as a teacher and solo dancer at several theatres and private companies. 2005 he decided to work on his own dance projects in Berlin and began developing his own movement system “The Conscious Body”.
2007 – 2011 Chaim Gebber also lived and worked in Shanghai, China. His choreographies have been shown in Europe, South America and Asia. Chaim Gebber teaches professional dancers in dance companies around the globe: Cia. de Danca do Palácio das Artes (BR), National Theatre Darmstadt (GER), National Theatre Kassel (GER), Jin Xing Dance Theatre (CH), Beijing Contemporary Dance Theatre (CH), Architanz (JP) a.o.
Currently he is based in Berlin, Germany and teaches “The Conscious Body” at Tanzfabrik Berlin. In 2014 he founded Chaim Gebber-Open Scene and has presented “The Green Village” “Body Play” “20x20” “For One’s Sake” “Exploring Visuals” “Brick of a Man” “Soft Beasts” “Complex Simplicity (Emergencia)” “Absinth” “Most” in Germany, China, South Korea, Italy and Morocco.

Roberta Pupotto
dancer, performer and co-founder of Chaim Gebber-Open Scene

Roberta’s Modern Dance and Classical Ballet training began in 1998 in Rome. In 2006 she began her professional career working with “Revers Dance Company” directed by Luciano Melandri in Rome, Pesaro, and New York.
In 2009 she moved to Madrid where she began a two-season run of “40 el Musical”. She worked also as a dancer and choreographer in spots, video clips, conventions, circus, and events. Since 2008 she has taught Modern and Contemporary dance in different schools and studios in Rome, Madrid, and Berlin.
Since 2014 she lives in Berlin and from than she began learning the “Conscious Body System” and performing in Chaim Gebber’s creations: “The Green Village” “Body Play” “20×20” “For One’s Sake” “Exploring Visuals” “Soft Beasts” “Complex Simplicity (Emergencia)” “Absinth” “Most” in Germany, China, South Korea, Italy and Morocco.
She worked as a freelance performer and collaborates with several artists: with Abel Navarro Luftdanza in aerial dance performances “Luftango” and “Distanz”, with Jonathan Arias, Elmi Pretcher and Johannes Dees as choreographer for the piece “Anonymous Desire” and with Carlos Santana for her solo “Resilienz”.
She is a founding member in “Chaim Gebber-Open Scene” and teacher of The Conscious Body System.


Karten: 14,- / 9,-

Fr 20.4. 20:00 Uhr,  Sa 21.4. 20:00 Uhr