Evolutive Dance Festival
Behind the Movement
The series of festival organized by Motimaru for the artists and the audience consists of gatherings among performers, dancers, musicians that will share and put on the stage their questions and reflections about the theme of "what is behind the movement" "what is this body of flesh and bones, what is the connection between body and mind" and deeper... "who we really are". With the intention to open up the territories and borders between artists or genres, artists will work for universal communication, not separated and isolated but in an open constructive dialogue, hitting each other, in full dedication, searching from the East to the West, toward a new performing art scene, not classical or “contemporary”, neither revolutionary, but actual and evolutive.

Artists(alphabetical order):
3rd July:
Compagnia Kha (Italy), Ingo Reulecke (Germany) & Biliana Voutchkova (Bulgaria), Arianna Rodeghiero (Italy)

4th July:
Samja Hussein (Sudan), Yuko Kaseki (Japan) & Sung Kuk Kang (Korea), Motimaru (Japan) & KiSeki (Germany/Japan)

All artists’ biography (alphabetical order):
Compagnia Kha was founded by Kea Tonetti and Tivitavi R. Papini, a dancer and a sound/visual artist. Their performances mix Butoh dance with Sensitive Dance® and acoustic and electronic live sounds. Their spiritual and artistic research is reflected in their poetic, creating cathartic events of great natural magic. The company has collaborated with different artists, among them the musician Ogam Fabio Malizia, the performer Shaiba Vincenzo Geddo, the dancer Yuko Ota and the master of Noh Theatre Monique Arnaud. They founded the “Spazio Continuum”, where they organize workshops and classes in Milan, Italy, where they also live

Yuko Kaseki
Butoh dancer, improviser, performer, choreographer and teacher in Berlin since 1995. She co-founded the dance company cokaseki in 1995 and have been involved in various projects with musicians and visual artist. She challenges to break the border of abilities. Solo and ensemble performances, improvisations are performed throughout Europe, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentine, Australia and the USA. These works are physical performance that incorporates Butoh, contemporary dance, object design, texts, and soundscapes. She performs and organizes improvisation series “AMMO-NITE GIG” (Vol.1-46 and on going) with international performers and musicians since 2004. Collaboration with inkBoat (SF), CAVE (NY), Isak Immanuel/Tableau Stations (SF), Theater Thikwa (Berlin) and improvisation duo KAYA with Antonis Anissegos (Berlin), Salad theater (Seoul), and others. http://cargocollective.com/yukocokaseki

Ki is the Japanese word for ‘energy that filled the emptiness of the universe’. Heaven and earth were created from this energy. Ki also means ‘wood’. From the violin’s wood the energy resounds. Seki means ‘stone’. Stones let you feel the sounds of the earth. Kiseki means ‘wonder’. Kiseki combine magic stone sounds with Japanese violin melodies. They play different genres, from classic to modernity, between Japanese traditions and those of the west. At their concerts, violinist Hoshiko Yamane from Osaka/Japan and Berlin sound stone artist Jürgen Heidemann are on this wonder’s trail. For four years they have been performing together, offering exciting compositions and formidable entertainment to their audience. The concert is an experience for eyes and ears, body and soul. The black gleaming ashlars offer a big range of unique sounds. Their combinations with the soft tones of the violin open up new playing and expression opportunities. Discordances emancipate in their compositions. The emerging overtone of both instruments float softly in the room. Their current program “augenstein” plays with a new set of sound stones. Compositions such as “Bushko” or “Oh!*Pal” surprise with melodious lines; stone and violin move the tones to an ensemble.

Sung Kuk Kang
The only one disabled artist in Korea who performs and dances. He majored in advertisement and public relationships and began to work as a performer in 2005 and a dancer in 2006. Sung Kuk Kang presents about 30 performances every year. He has started his career as a director and a choreographer in the project ‘Performance dance drama, IF’ in 2013. It was his first time to direct non-disabled professional dancers. He tours around the world with the performance "Brother" together with Nam Jin Kim, a choreographer of the Belgium dance troupe. Sung Kuk Kang wishes to learn from many activities in other countries and to make his career, so that he could contribute to Korean culture which is very poor in arts of the disabled.

Motimaru is a dance company founded in Tokyo by Motoya Kondo (Japan) and Tiziana Longo(Italy). They both have trained at Kazuo Ohno dance Studio and worked and performed together with Yoshito Ohno, the son of Kazuo Ohno, co- founder of the Japanese avant-garde movement butoh. Motimaru investigate through dance the deepest nature of the human beings and questioning the connection between body and mind, the essence of our true nature. Their dance approach and training method has been enriched further by the anthropological research of ritual and sacred dances of Japan, Nepal, India, Tibet as well as Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga. The company is based in Berlin since 2010.

Ingo Reulecke studies dance in New York and Berlin before his choreography studies in the college of the arts "Ernst Busch". works as a freelance dancer and choreographer. develops the pieces "distans 1:02" ( HAU 3 ) in collaboration with the dramaturge A. Hardegen, "diminuendo 2" in collaboration with Zufit Simon (this production wins the first price in the VorOrt-festival in Muenster), "winterreisen",  "unsere tage wie schatten", "2109","sender weimar" in collaboration with Lukas Matthaei. leading the dance department at the college of arts “Ernst Busch” since 2006, artistic leader for the "Dance Media Academy" at Kunstfest Weimar in 2008, part of the directory board of the Hochschuluebergreifende centre of dance in Berlin.

Arianna Rodeghiero was born in Milan on the 05/04/86. Her artistic education begins with theater and music, then focuses more on contemporary dance. In 2009 she graduates in D.A.M.S University for Art Music and Show in Bologna. She always integrates dance with theater studies. She attends the professional course for contemporary dance “Modem Atelier”run by Compagnia Zappalà. Currently she lives in Berlin, studying and working with Laborgras under the direction of Renate Graziadei and Arthur Stäldi, starting her own research also collaborating with different artists.

Biliana Voutchkova studies classical violin, in her college years starts being involved with the contemporary and improvised music scene. a risk taker approaching contemporary classical repertoire with the same inspiration and freedom characteristic of her forceful improvisations.  involved in interaction with dancers, improvisers, composers, visual artists and others eager to search into the unknown, among those Frances-Marie Uitti,Matthias Bauer, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Robin Hayward, Michael Thieke, Axel Dörner, Louise Wagner. collaborates with Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop,the Splitter Orchestra,Ensemble Modern, Insomnio, Mozaik, Das Neue Ensemble Hannover, MusikFabrik, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Oper Dynamo West. appears in festivals and concert series in EU, USA and Japan. 

Do 3.7. 19:00 Uhr,  Fr 4.7. 19:00 Uhr