Concert by the vocalist and composer, Rakefet Amsalem; Violinist: Alexey Kochetk
Concert: Rakefet Amsalem
The Hebrew Library is inviting you to a concert by the vocalist and composer, Rakefet Amsalem. Violinist: Alexey Kochetkov (Berlin Oriental Group).

Rakefet Amsalem, vocalist, composer and paytanit (singer of Jewish liturgic poetry), was born in Haifa to a family with roots in old Safed, Algieria, Spain and Poland. Searching for her personal identity, Rakefet was exposed to the world of Jewish piyyut (Jewish liturgic poetry), and since has drawn inspiration from it for her musical and artistic creativity, giving expression to East and West, sacred and secular. In her performances Rakefet combines original folk singing in a variety of languages (Hebrew, Arabic, Maghrebi, Ladino). Her warm and clear voice expresses the sounds of joy and longing, especially sacred piyyut and singing as a means to connect cultural identities.

In this performance she will combine original and folk materials in uniquely moving renditions. Our guest violinist will be Alexey Kochetkov (Berlin Oriental Group).
When ? 30/4/2017, 20:00
Where ? Acud theater, Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin.

2nd fl., entrance is on the right side of the Max Fisch Bar (before entering the courtyard).

Price ? 10 EUR

So 30.4. 20:00 Uhr