3 days laboratory with Evgenia Chetvertkova
Self-Portrait in Movement
Self-Portrait in Movement

3 days laboratory with Evgenia Chetvertkova

29, 30, 31 of August, 18.00 - 22.00

The idea of laboratory is to find the way how to create self-portrait in dance, considering dance as a body-movement metaphor.

1. Represent your vision of yourself in different modalities: visual and auditory
2. And then use these representations as material, starting point to create through movements body existence and manner of presence
3. Find words to define and analyze some characteristics or interesting points that underline personal representations

Through comparing (or even becoming) ourselves to objects, textures, colors, sounds, animals, countries, texts, buildings and others we will find a creative force of dance and body imagination.
Set up a question if body thinking (embodiment) as interpretation metaphor of an abstract concept is possible. Embodiment can be understand as creating movement image based on inner sensations, mental images of inner landscape that sometimes are difficult to be verbalized but vivid, touching and emotional.
We will work on sensibility and awareness of the body, presence, quality of movements.

We will work on dance not as set of movements in time and space, but rather on presence that produce a kind of energy by means of body.

It is possible to regard this laboratory as art-diagnostics of characteristics of individuality that may appear as a unit or as a movement or as an energy which takes shape(form) and represents itself in the world through materiality, relations, thoughts, meanings or way of doing something.

Language: English

Admission: 100,- euro per person
(90,- euro early bird price if you pay till 20.08.)

For registration send an email to: ev.chetvertkova@gmail.com

Evgenia Chetvertkova is a dancer, choreographer and performer.
She began to dance in early childhood and got her initial education and stage experience in Troitsk dance ensemble for young people (ballet and folk dances). While studying at the Moscow State University (psychology) she moved towards more contemporary and improvisational forms of dance and theatre. After graduating (2007) she took part in performances of the Derevo Theatre and began her own experiments in dance, physical theatre and visual arts. Being a member and later choreographer of Russian PoemaTheatre dance theatre over 6 years she developed a unique practice and created over 10 choreographic pieces. Some of them were shown in Berlin in 2015-16 years.
She conducted several laboratories and workshops on such topics as “body and image”, “events and relations in dance community”, “corporeality in performance and dance”, “dance representation of paintings”, “color and dance”, “improvisational tactics” and others.
Since 2017 she is a master student of HZT.
Her style is a mixture of different body techniques mostly based on butoh and improvisation. In her work as dancer and performer she focuses on how does her body and internal psychological state may create a meaningful movement composition. She also often works with visual images as well as with soundscapes to complete dance-body-performance practice.


The Shore, 2016

Un chien andalou, 2016

ROSES 2015

Red Line Cabaret 2015


Di 29.8. 18:00 Uhr,  Mi 30.8. 18:00 Uhr,  Do 31.8. 18:00 Uhr