a solo performance piece with a body as an object
Is it true that Neanderthals cared for their dead with offering flowers?

Da Dad Dada is a performance project which based on a true story about Japanese two dancers. They were father and daughter."He" already passed away at the age of 84 in 2015. "She" is a director of this project.

Exploring the personal narrative remains us the imaginations of the possible narratives in accordance to actions which were not selected. How could we touch someone eles through our own autobiographical materials?

This project is also heading towards his second funeral in December 2017.

Concept and choreography : Saori Hala
Performer : Saori Hala
Stage Body : Kazuma Glen Motomura (Dad)

Duration: 45 min.

【Saori Hala】

She is an artist who works with a diverse range of media, including movement, film, light, sound and drawings. Her work is connected through the constant presence of the theme of an inseparable relationship between time, void, and body. These elements are developed with humanís action in everyday occurrences and observation. She started to dance since her childhood and explored in both fields of body art and visual communication during her university days in Japan.


【Kazuma Glen Motomura】

Half Japanese half Zimbabwean/South African, fully human. Trained in martial arts, street dance and contemporary dance theater, he seeks to communicate beyond culture and form(ality). Kazuma works in a versatile wide spectrum; performing in close collaboration with political and environmental activists, touring with internationally renowned choreographers, creating in cutting edge commercial work, teaching, and dancing alone in nature...


Tickets: 12,- / 8,-

Sa 7.10. 20:00 Uhr