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Gastspeil aus Israel
And My Heart Almost Stood Still
an interrupted solo, by Ari Teperberg
I'm standing in front of you with my eyes closed. The sounds you make bring me to life. Can we grow deaf and blind together? Can we leave the world as we know it, and enter a world of utmost sensitivity, where even the smallest sensation can become connection, communication, joy?

The trigger of this creation process was a letter written by the famous deaf-blind Helen Keller to the New-York Symphony Orchestra, after "listening" to Beethoven's 9th symphony, simply by touching the radio's membrane and feeling the vibrations. The maker and performer, Ari Teperberg, is applying restrictive sets of rules that allow his body to become a receptive virtuosic instrument through which surprising connections occur between sound, movement and functions of the body. We witness these extreme close-up revelations of the human body, but at the same time zoom-out to see a lonely man on stage, striving to communicate through alternative languages.

This work takes place between the borders of different disciplines - music, dance, theatre, performance and object-theatre - and creates a new mechanism of performance that converges them all into one.

Maker and performer: Ari Teperberg
Performer, musician, creation partner: Avshalom Ariel
Sound design, creation partner: Tomer Damsky
Lighting design and scenography: Omer Sheizaf
Production and international relations: Katherina Vasiliadis

Ari Teperberg (1989) is an interdisciplinary stage artist.
Apart from being an independent maker of theatre and performance, he also works as an opera director, as well as dancer in the Yasmeen Godder contemporary dance company.
His practice involves what he calls performative “mechanisms” - improvisation scores that have clear, almost mathematical conventions which activate the performers and determine in which environment they act. Consequently - simply by applying these rules - soundscapes, movement and drama are created, and dense inter-relational structures emerge.
As a maker, his pieces “I Want to Dance, Kate!”, “Jonathan and the Blue Table” and “What Happened to my voice?” have been performed regularly around Israel, as well as toured around the world.


Tickets: 12 / 8 €

Sa 4.11. 20:00 Uhr,  So 5.11. 20:00 Uhr