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Das Gastspiel wird unterstützt durch die Botschaft des Staates Israel in Berlin

Gastspeil aus Israel
a theatre piece with puppets and objects.
Unreadable- a theatre piece with puppets and objects.
“I gave away some copies of my memoirs to family members and aquaintances,” writes Haim Ascher to his granddaughter , “ but most of the copies are gathering dust on my bookshelf”.
Amongst the lengthy and over-detailed descriptions, in the space between written and spoken words , the granddaughter tries to decipher his writings using objects, letters and puppets.

Adapted from the book “Two rivers and the big sea” by Haim Ascher,
By Sharon Silver-Merrett and Ari Teperberg.
Directed by Ari Teperberg.
Performance design and puppets by Sharon Silver-Merrett
Music and soundtrack: Alon Cohen
Props: Didi Alon
Artistic advisor: Shachar Marom
Lighting: Yoav Barel
Stills: Yair Meyuhas

With the support of HaHanut 31 and Mifal Hapayis.
Thanks .. Gili Kozin-Ulmer , Ainsley silver-Merrett and Inbal Kali-Carmi

children / Kinder: 5 €
adult/ Erwachsene: 7 €

Sa 4.11. 16:00 Uhr,  So 5.11. 16:00 Uhr