Gastspiel aus Brasilien

Fábio Dornas, Gabrielle Salomão and Chaim Geber

A show open to improvisation that functions as a Meeting between 3 dancers who stimulated by a free north, chosen by themselves, develop their research and experience at the moment of the performance the results of this process. To do this course is the essential axis for the provocation and charm of improvisation, since the artist is stimulated to let your personal want to connect with the distinct.

Duration: 35 Min.


Gabrielle Salomão and Fabio Dornas

Everyday of the drawing that the trait leaves, where the two performers play with the dense and the light. The residue of what has been traced by them emphasizes, throughout their walks and artistic exchanges, the poetic and unpretentious physical overflowing, when the mark of every step given to the unknown was totally free and at the mercy of the imagination. Work created with influences of contemporary dance and butoh.

Direction: Ana Régis and Benjamin Abras
Lighting: Heron Loreto
Costume Design: Silma Dornas

Duration: 20 Min.

Karten: 12, - / 8,- Euro

Fr 13.7. 20:00 Uhr,  Sa 14.7. 20:00 Uhr