theatrical experiment & performance
HABITAT FRAGMENTATION - a solo performance: is a multimedia, interdisciplinary and theatrical experiment on our desires, their sources, how we disconnect and reconnect, and how we hold on to the stories that hold us back -- the tapes that play, tangled, fragmented, and on loop -- a meditation on the alienation of our inner world that leaves us severed, lost and drifting.
Duration: 70min

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Mark Bautista, Alaskan choreographer, singer, actor, and dancer -- a versatile creator/performer that strives to push the limits of his work, to transcend boundaries and connect to our universal memories.
His work draws from his eclectic background in opera, circus arts, and physical theater that paved the way into his inner exploration through Butoh.
For more information, visit: https://www.findingpresence.com/

Karten: 12,- / 8,- Euro

Do 30.8. 20:30 Uhr,  Fr 31.8. 20:30 Uhr